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Reliability: You can rely on us to insure that your cargo is delivered quickly and safely to its required destination, and that all documentation and customs are handled with the highest level of efficiency. Our policy is that we have Bills of Lading prepared within 24 hours of vessel departure.

Consistency: Our vessels maintain a tight grip on their sailing schedule; along with a short transit time insures that your cargo is delivered speedily and on time. We use the latest technology and logistics systems to track cargo and transport it efficiently.

Client centricity: At Vital the client always comes first. Our team of highly trained and experienced personnel provides a high quality and intimate customer service 7 days of the week at offices covering all Egyptian ports to attend to our clients’ needs and insure their piece of mind.

Tailored service: As a family run business all our departments work together fluidly as a single unit. We maintain the size and flexibility that allows us to customize our service to fit your individual needs. Additional services include, but are not limited to cargo storing and warehousing and custom clearance.

By reaching 2012, We started our business as a marine supplier and over the years our company has gained recognition for being a reliable ship chandler providing top quality services to the leading shipping companies, owners and managers

Due to growth of the Egyptian ports, which became one of the important ports in the world, giving rise to the need for meeting the demand of an increasing number of ships, We started our business as a shipping agency presenting services and facilities to the vessel transiting the Suez Canal or calling any of the Egyptian ports.


Our Team:

 At Vital Marines Suppliers, we consider our personnel as our prime asset, and hence, our company strives to develop its staff both for their own self-realization as well as to enable them to command the skills necessary to deliver the quality service that has become the hallmark of Vital.

This is achieved not only by continuous hands-on training and the active involvement of all staff members, but by creating an environment that promotes and sustains team spirit and a culture of shared achievement.

Our team, fluent in several languages, using a state-of-the-art computer information system, is capable of providing prompt and accurate service that fulfills all your requirements.

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